21 and still feelin’ young

(Above photo: Taken during my birthday lunch at NOLA, Buenos Aires)

So, I recently celebrated my 21st birthday over the weekend, and despite being miles away from my family and loved ones, I still managed to have one of the best birthdays by far with some incredible people that I’ve met and gotten to know, whilst living the exchange life, over the 3 or so months that I’ve been here, in Argentina.

And since I’m now officially considered an “adult” all over the world, here are 21 new fun, and not so fun, facts and things I have learnt about myself so far, whilst being away from home (and for some of you who know me very well, some of these may come as a shock to you):

*Edit: I’ve realised, while writing my fun facts, that a lot of these are food related HAHA. Oh well. Also, here’s one of my first photos of me as a 21 year old with a 1L tub of ice cream. Classic, Dez.

Untitled Design 2

  1. I’ve been blessed enough to have my birthday fall on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and this year marks the 100 year anniversary!
  2. I no longer take off tomatoes out of my meals (I’m a changed woman, I know!)
  3. However, I still don’t understand how people can enjoy coriander/cilantro
  4. I love to drink beer (in moderation of course, and especially in the day time accompanied by a nice, juicy burger with some mates)
  5. I’ve also ventured off from drinking lattes and caps (mainly because they lack soy milk here in Argentina), and have grown to love drinking espressos, long blacks and iced cold brew coffees. And all WITHOUT any sugar/syrups or sweeteners
  6. I took a tango class with my mates, and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  7. My proficiency in Spanish really isn’t as bad as I think it is (it’s all about confidence and practice!)
  8. I’ve only noticed recently, being surrounded by the same group of people almost every day, that, over time, I tend to pick up the phrases and mannerisms of people I’m comfortable being around with (and vice versa)
  9. I still find it difficult knowing how to properly budget my weekly expenses on food and groceries
  10. Mainly because I still don’t really know what I’m doing in the kitchen half the time, and would get either get too lazy or unmotivated to cook and end up eating out or getting food delivered to me
  11. Subte/subway > bus (even despite the lack of personal space you get during peak hour)
  12. Wine is meant to accompany your meals, and for little sips and NOT a drink you should scull in big quantities
  13. Denim jackets, bomber jackets, culottes, my Superga and my Argentine-branded Birkenstocks have become my favourite items of clothing
  14. I love to wear rings, but it’s hard to shop for them when you have super skinny fingers and you don’t know how ring sizes work or where to measure your fingers
  15. I’ve probably eaten more empanadas than all other types of food I’ve eaten here combined
  16. One thing I miss, being in Argentina, is being able to play basketball (I’ve only seen one basketball court since I’ve arrived and it was an outdoor court, and was occupied by skateboarders and kids playing football)
  17. This also means that I am on the hunt for a Manu Ginobli jersey, simply because he is an Argentinian and I have a newfound appreciation for him after seeing his nasty buzzer-beater block on James Harden during Game 5 OT of the first round of the playoffs
  18. Achievement unlocked: Getting a distinction in your first Spanish mid-term!
  19. The only reason I like the song, Despacito, is because a version with Justin Bieber was released probably a month after I first heard the song
  20. Because, to be honest, I’m not a fan of all the cumbia and Spanish reggaeton here in Argentina (every song has the same beat and there’s only so much salsa I can do because, ya know, people can’t handle them hips 😏 )
  21. My ultimate dream job, after working for the United Nations, is to be a full-time Youtuber (I didn’t think I would, but I absolutely love vlogging and I’m so glad I started my Year Away with Dezzaye project as part of my New Year’s resolution)

I hope you got to know a little bit more about me through these fun facts, and I hope to add a whole lot more to this list after the end of my exchange abroad. We’re always constantly learning and growing as a person and I’d like to think that after this year, I will come out of this experience as a changed woman in some shape or form, with many life lessons and stories to share to my loved ones back at home. Until next time!

Hasta luego, ¡besos y abrazos!

Love, Marie ♡


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    1. Yes, I’m glad there are people out there that agree with me! Aw thanks, Mina! I love that you’re posting foodie blogs again! Hope the exchange life has been treating you the best as well!


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