I know what you’re thinking. Why am I talking about “DTF”? But trust me when I say that it’s really not like that. I’m talking about DTF – disappointing Thai food.

I’ve posted before, about my previous experiences with Asian cuisine here in Argentina, but I’m still hopeful to find a hidden gem. And whilst my friends and I found a great Indian place with awesome spices and a solid tikka masala, I’m still on the hunt for a decent Thai restaurant.

Untitled Design 4

(Above photo: "pad thai" [left] and what appears to be a deconstructed green curry [right])

So that’s when a friend of mine suggested we try this place in Buenos Aires, called Green Curry, that apparently had great reviews and was a popping place for lunch. We wanted to try a bit of everything so we visited the place after class on a Friday and ordered a pad thai and green curry with rice to share. The green curry was decent, despite the fact that it was more like a deconstructed green curry because the ingredients weren’t mixed together, and the flavours were definitely there. The pad thai, however, was not what I expected. Instead of the sweet rice noodles, I tasted, what could only be described as, pancit bihon, a popular Filipino dish. And whilst the dish itself wasn’t bad, it was totally not what a pad thai was supposed to taste like. I will say, though, that the hot sauce you see in the above photo was one of the spiciest sauces I’ve had here which made the meal a bit more enjoyable.

I guess I should’ve expected it when we walked through the doors and we didn’t see one Thai chef in the kitchen. And so the search for the best Thai restaurant in Buenos Aires continues!

(I thought I’d keep the post light today, since I’ve been swamped with a tonne of uni work the past couple of weeks, and our final assignments and exams are also coming up. But I hope you enjoyed nonetheless! I’m no foodie blogger, just someone who loves to eat ☺️)

Hasta luego, ¡besos y abrazos!

Love, Marie ♡


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