Another year, another me.

(Above photo: Taken from Cerro de la Cruz in San Marcos Sierras, Argentina) After missing my evening flight to Paris from Gatwick Airport in London (yes, I'm currently on a Europe trip, for those who aren't up to date with my life), I now have about 9 hours before our next flight at the airport.... Continue Reading →


Semester Two Blues

(Above photo: Sunday markets in Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Aires) Hello, friends! So, my mid-semester exams are creeping up, and whilst taking a break from studying I thought I'd reflect on how the past couple of months have been in comparison to my first semester. To be honest, I've actually had a hard time finding... Continue Reading →

This is for you, Susie.

2 years on, and it's still a shock to me knowing you're not around anymore. Anything to do with mental health always hits home to me, and so I thought I'd share an excerpt that was taken from a post of one of my old blogs, in the hopes that I could reach out to someone on... Continue Reading →

Hard Times

"Hard times, gonna take you down and laugh when you cry" - Paramore Ever since Paramore released their two new singles for their latest album, I've been listening to their music, both old and new, non-stop! But I only really took the time to listen to the lyrics for Hard Times, recently and it, kind of, inspired... Continue Reading →